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Monteria hunting


10-10-2020 to 14-02-2021

All hunting aficionados of ungulates will no doubt have heard of the famous hunting beat in Spain called "montería".

The montería consists of a large hunted hunting of ungulates (wild boars, deer, deer and mouflons) in vast grounds, where hundreds of dogs of different races of tracking, accompanied by beaters, push the animals towards the hunters' sites located downhill . Everybody will know, without doubt, that the "montería in extremadura" is the best of all the Iberian peninsula: being an immense region with very wild zones and rich in grazing, extremadura is the ideal habitat for any type of ungulate and it is precisely in these Monterias where the largest specimens are killed each year.

Our organization will be in a position - as in all previous years - to communicate to the interested client the calendar of the monterias for the current year with the corresponding cost.

The hunt begins on the first Sunday in October and continues until the third Sunday in February.

The monterías that we choose are very select without surpassing the 40 places, to guarantee the success to all the participants. After having killed the ungulates, the hunter only comes into possession of the trophy.

An emotion that can not be missed, you can not miss a true hunter!


Monteria en Extremadura Monteria en Extremadura Monteria en Extremadura Monteria en Extremadura


Date-PlacePlaces available AnimalsPrice
10/11 OCTOBER - CACERES S50 PlacesC.J.V.G1950 Euros
10/11 OCTOBER - CACERES H40 PlacesC.J.V2200 Euros
17/18 OCTOBER CACERES S50 PlacesC.J.V1950 Euros
23/24/25 OCTOBER CACERES H-(WITHOUT QUOTA) - 3 days40 PlacesC.J.V3300 Euros
30/31/1 NOVEMBER CACERES H-(WITHOUT QUOTA) - 3 days40 PlacesC.J.V2950 Euros
6/7 NOVEMBER - CACERES H 2 V.+2 M.+2 V.(FREE REST)30 PlacesC.J.V.G5700 Euros**
7/8 NOVEMBER - CACERES S50 PlacesC.J.V.1950 Euros
14/15 NOVEMBER CACERES50 PlacesC.J.V1950 Euros
5/6/7 DECEMBER - CACERES (WITHOUT QUOTA) – S - 3 days45 PlacesC.J.V2900 Euros
12/13 DECEMBER CACERES - H (WITHOUT QUOTA)40 PlacesC.M.V2950 Euros
9/10 JANUARY - CACERES - H45 PlacesC.J.V2100 Euros
16/17 JANUARY CACERES - S50 PlacesC.J.V1950 Euros
23/24 JANUARY - CACERES H (WITHOUT QUOTA)45 PlacesC.J.V2100 Euros
30-31 JANUARY CACERES - S45 Places C.J.V1950 Euros
06/07 FEBRUARY CACERES - H40 PlacesC.J.V2200 Euros
13/14 FEBRUARY CACERES - S45 PlacesC.J.V1950 Euros
20/21 FEBRUARY CACERES - H-(WITHOUT QUOTA)50 PlacesC.J.C2200 Euros
  • V=Deer male
  • J= Wild Boar
  • C=Hind
  • G= Fallow

** Cercon closed farm with guarantee.

All the Monterias are on open farms.

Price all included in Hotel with full Pension.

Monteria en Extremadura Monteria en Extremadura Monteria en Extremadura Monteria en Extremadura

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