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Minor hunting

We are specialists in hunting for migratory species. We started hunting at the beginning of the season, on the occasion of the opening in August, hunting the African turtledove and the wood pigeon.

In our private reserves of Extremadura there are extensive crops of sunflowers and wheat, cultivated meticulously by the peasants of the place. From the end of the month of April until advanced May, just as in each year, the African turtle doves from Africa come to our cloth for wintering here

View of the morphological conformation of the terrain of our peninsula, turtle doves reach quickly, the coasts of African continent, the coasts of Andalusia, coasting the Guadalquivir river, until reaching the zones of appeasement of Extremadura.

From the first days of the month of June, we organized this search for the most frequented reserves for both turtle doves and tortoises, which are very numerous and remain and sedentary in our country.

For the opening of the media in the month of August, we are able to offer our customers excellent hunting days with perch results more than satisfactory. There are many shotgun shots fired in this type of holding chase. We advise our clients to use a semi-automatic shotgun. We have the possibility to rent excellent shotguns on site.

We arrive quickly in the first days of October, when many thrushes reach the forests of Extremadura. Here the thrush hunting always opens on the second Sunday of the month of November. Animals therefore have time to settle in and look for the best grazing areas. The areas in which we hunt thrushes are vast, with flat land, rich in olive groves, surrounded by holm-oaks.

The hunt begins in the morning with the tracking, to follow all day and end with unforgettable returns at night. There are many shotgun shots fired; Here we also recommend the use of a semi-automatic shotgun. In this type of hunting, the results of the hangers are excellent, and we are sure and convinced that they may only be achieved in our region of Extremadura.

Our secret to always achieve a success in this type of hunting is to hunt only in some of our reserves - in addition, non-assiduously, letting rest the other hunting areas for a long time. In this way there will always be areas not very exploited in which the thrushes are more concentrated.

The assistance we offer in this type of hunting is serious and professional. The hunter, customer, friend, is assisted in the best way possible, so that never forget the beautiful hunting days spent in Extremadura.

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